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Tea-riffic Adventures

On Sunday May 27, Tea Rebellion will be embarking on an exciting two-week adventure across the globe to two of our partner tea farms.

First stop, Taiwan!

Ready to join us in the field? On May 28, fourth generation tea maker Ai Fang Kuei-Chen and her family of Jhentea will welcome us and educate us on all things tea. During our visit, we hope to wander around the tea gardens, refine our tea taste, and meet the tea farmers who grow the pure leaves. Jhentea will then skillfully make these leaves into our Forever Spring Oolong.

To truly understand the tea making process and bring you the best products and education possible, we believe that immersing ourselves at the source is key!

Next stop, Nepal!

On May 30, Tea Rebellion will travel to Nepal. This stop will focus on tea as a “way of life”. What does this mean exactly? Well, this fiercely immersive experience at our partner farm, Kanchanjangha, will give us a unique opportunity to get our hands dirty and bring home all of the tea we can produce. Also, have you ever wondered about the history and importance of tea, or perhaps the arts and science behind the finest teas? Join us to learn more about all of these topics and more!

Nepal Agenda Sneak Peek:

Day 1: Sight Seeing in Kathmandu Day 2: Overnight venture at Kanchanjangha in Panchthar Day 3: Tea plucking, uphill drive, and hike around our tea farm Day 4: Tea rolling, school visitation, and tea firing Day 5: Tea sampling and tour of near-by villages Day 6: Return back to Kathmandu Day 7: Free day to explore

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Travel and drink along with us via instagram or blog to experience the unique tea heritages of our Tea Rebellion teas from Taiwan and Nepal. Meet the local farmers and community, listen to their stories and listen to ours. This adventure is important to understand why we do what we do and why we have partnered with these farms. Most of all, feel connected and united with the source of your teas by staying close to this adventure. We want you to trust and understand Tea Rebellion’s fiercely authentic dedication to our partner farms and you!