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Here is a collection of the press and media mentions for Tea Rebellion and our founder Annabel Kalmar. Enjoy the browse. Let us know if you come across any additional media/press coverage. We would love to add it here. Cheers

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Just Entrepreneurs, Meet the Founder Series

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The Independent. The Spirit of Innovation and enterprise is still a live in the UK

Chris Blackhurst sees plenty of positives during a pitching and networking event for entrepenuers. On a wet, cold night in Barnes, London, more than 100 people are gathered in an upstairs room at the former Olympic recording studios. The Olympic is a wonderful building, now converted into an art cinema,

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Fiercely Authentic Tea- Single Origin - Tea Rebellion

We address the problem of lack of tea transparency & quality by building direct connections between consumers and producers that empower, educate, and ultimately transform—we tea lovers who care about fair trade with single-origin, farm-direct, award-winning teas.  Read on here

Brewing Up A Revolution

How one. socially minded Toronto startup aims to change the tea business - one. women farmer at a time. Read on here



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Moderated by Annabel Kalmar of Tea Rebellion these panels will bring industry experts together to discuss two meaty topics.

TUESDAY 3rd 11.00 Commodity Tea v Speciality Tea; how do they impact on one another.

WEDNESDAY 4th 2.00 Coffee v Tea; Are they similar? Are they completely different? Can they learn from one another?

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Annabel Kalmar Founder of Tea Rebelion

Annabel Kalmar is the founder of the Tea Rebellion which was started in 2017 to change the way tea is traded and to connect tea drinkers with tea farmers. Annabel developed a passion for improving farmers’ market access and incomes while studying agriculture and working in the fields of El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, harvesting coffee and interviewing farmers.

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Food Biz Wiz

On last week's Food Biz Wiz® podcast episode, Charlie helped Retail Ready® student Annabel Kalmar of Tea Rebellion think through her strategic distributor partnership. If you're wondering whether or not working with a distributor is worth it for YOUR brand, tune into last week's conversation to find out! Listen in at www.alliball.com/podcast/151, or wherever you listen to your favorite shows

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The Future Of Food

Launching, growing, and scaling a packaged product in the food industry is daunting - from understanding production, incubator kitchens, and co-packin…
This week, Charlie brings us another episode of the “Is It Worth It, Charlie?” series. In it, Charlie e-meets with Annabel Kalmar, director of Tea Rebellion, to discuss if she should continue to work with a distributor. 

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The Power of Tea

How do you take your tea? I personally like an Earl Grey with milk first thing in the morning. I then have coffee after breakfast, and more Earl Grey around 11ish, with green tea in the afternoon.

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Toronto’s tea-filled weekend

Vendors at the seventh annual Toronto Tea Festival use tea as an agent of social change.

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The future of food

The race to net-zero could mean radical changes to the ways in which we live, including what we eat. Some environmentalists are already calling for strict curbs on everything from eating meat to out-of-season vegetables.

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