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Here is a collection of the press and
media activity for Tea Rebellion and our founder Annabel Kalmar. Enjoy!


Just Entrepreneurs,
Meet the Founder Series

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The Independent. The Spirit of Innovation and enterprise is still a live in the UK

Chris Blackhurst sees plenty of positives during a pitching and networking event for entrepenuers. On a wet, cold night in Barnes, London, more than 100 people are gathered in an upstairs room at the former Olympic recording studios. 

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Fiercely Authentic Tea
- Single Origin - Tea Rebellion

In Go Solo Stories of Entrepreneurship Annabl shares how Tea Rebellion addresses the problem of lack of tea transparency & quality by building direct connections between consumers and producers that empower, educate, and ultimately transform. Read on here

Brewing Up A Revolution

How one. socially minded Toronto startup aims to change the tea business - one. women farmer at a time. Read on here




Speciallty Tea Associaation Europea - Panel on Specialty vs Commodity Tea Annable Kalmar from Tea Rebellion and Anne from Suki TeaPG.JPG__PID:29b10577-1817-4ee1-88a8-e1d468e16ee4

Moderating "Commodity vs. Specialty Tea" at Caffe Culture, London

Annabel moderated an industry expert panel on Commodity Tea v Speciality Tea; how do they impact on one another organised by the European Specialty Tea Assoication. Picture features Annabel Kalmara and Anne from Suki Tea 

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Annabel on Panel with Linda Gayland and John Snell at the  Toronto Tea Festival 

Annabel Kalmar joined tea experts at the Toronto Tea Festival to discuss sustainability in tea and the challenges of commodity vs specialty tea.

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The Future Of Food

The race to net-zero could mean radical changes to the ways in which we live, including what we eat. Annabel from Tea Rebellion joined a panel organised by the Spectator to discuss the politics of the food ecosystem.

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Dan Bolten Anatomy of a Tea Brand.JPEG__PID:aca029b1-0577-4817-9ee1-08a8e1d468e1

Anatomy of a Tea Brand

Dank Bolten Tea Biz Podcast: Tea Rebellion: Anatomy of a Purpose-Driven Brand | Annabel Kalmar, founder of Tea Rebellion, a small direct-trade single-farm tea venture  joins us today.

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Coffee House Magazine Levelling Up Tea.jpg__PID:1817dee1-08a8-41d4-a8e1-6ee4ca94d41e

"Levelling Up Tea" Podcast

Annabel joined Tea and Coffee Experts to talk about how to create a great  tea experience in the UK Away from Home Sector.

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Coffee House podcast REcording at Vittoria Ardino.HEIC__PID:05771817-dee1-48a8-a1d4-68e16ee4ca94

Food Biz Wiz

Annabel Kalmar of Tea Rebellion joined Charlie from Retail Ready® to share her distributor experiences.Tune in if you're wondering whether or not working with a distributor is worth it for YOUR brand.

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