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                    TEAWARE AND ACCESSORIES

Teaware can be beautiful AND  functional. Sadly often it is neither.
Who has not received an entirely unfunctional tea filter (does not close, leaves falling out etc).
On the design front, we see lots of teaware gimmicks that are at most funny for a day and soon loose their attraction. 
As big time tea lovers we are on the hunt of both super functional and yet timeless tea ware that allows us to
truly appreciate the art of the brewing style and the spirit of the leaf. Here are my tips.

Tea Rebellio_strainer_Zero_Waste_Club_fitting_cups_295x.jpg__PID:a93a229e-2728-49c6-81ee-5108aedf4f01

Reusable Tea Filter

Did you know that nearly all tea bags have plastic lining on them? This means that you might be drinking plastic AND the tea bag does not fully degrade in the composting. Loose leaf tea is the most affordable and eco friendly way to enjoy tea. This tea strainer is perfect for enjoying loose leaf tea. 

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Perfect Glass Tea Cups

I love seeing the colour of my tea and this double-walled glass cups are perfect for this. They feel great to the touch, are quite sturdy for glass and you never burn your hands. They also do look beautiful and give your tea experience that extra feeling. We do not stock but you can get them through my Amazon Associate link.

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Tea Bloom Tea Pot.jpg__PID:d83daaf9-6627-4190-9d05-d6b91393f987

Almost Perfect Tea Pot

This tea pot is (almost) perfect. It looks great and fits the cups perfectly (same range & brand). The filter inside can be removed while keeping the top closed which is a plus. The metal finish could be more premium. An almost perfect glass pot that pairs with the cups and is conveniently available on Amazon (Note: Associate link below)

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Annabel Kalmar, Founder Tea Rebellion and Tea Lover



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