Tea Rebellion in the Press

Here is a collection of the press and media mentions for Tea Rebellion and our founder Annabel Kalmar. Enjoy the browse.  Let us know if you come across any additional media/press coverage. We would love to add it here. Cheers


Just Entrepreneurs,
Meet the Founder Series

January 2023


The Independent. The Spirit of Innovation and enterprise is still a live in the UK

Chris Blackhurst sees plenty of positives during a pitching and networking event for entrepenuers. On a wet, cold night in Barnes, London, more than 100 people are gathered in an upstairs room at the former Olympic recording studios. The Olympic is a wonderful building, now converted into an art cinema,

Fiercely Authentic Tea- Single Origin - Tea Rebellion


We address the problem of lack of tea transparency & quality by building direct connections between consumers and producers that empower, educate, and ultimately transform—we tea lovers who care about fair trade with single-origin, farm-direct, award-winning teas.



Brewing Up A Revolution


How one. socially minded Toronto startup aims to change the tea business - one. women farmer at a time. Red on on here