Tea Rebellion is a B Corp

Tea Rebellion is now a B Corp!

B stands for Benefit for all.  B Corps—are leading the way for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. At the core is a commitment to positively impact all stakeholders. Contrary to product level certification (like our organic certification), B corp certifies the company level. Tea Rebellion is now part of only 5,575 businesses globally. Why did we pursue this and what did it entailHow will we use it to drive accountability and innovation at our start-up? 

Why did we pursue this certification?

We want to ensure that our impact focus & environmental, social and governance commitments are firmly embedded in our corporate structure including written policies and articles. This is important to ensure that as we grow and eventually bring in more employees, partners and investors, we remain firmly wedded to our original Tea Rebellion DNA. By incorporating the B Corp stakeholder considerations into our Articles of Corporation for the UK and for Canada we have done just that! The DNA of Tea Rebellion is here to stay!

What did becoming a B Corp involve?

We started the process to fill out the B Impact Assessment in the last quarter of 2021 and were told it would take 10-18 months. Fortunately, our prior experience with certifications (i.e. we have been organic certified since 2018) and our direct, transparent business model meant that we could complete it in less than the minimum time. We are thrilled!

What does this Certification help us do?

Through the impact assessment covering Environmental, Social and Governance practices we have learnt much more about opportunities for innovation for creating the highest possible benefit for our people, partners & planet. We also love the idea of joining the thriving community of startup business and peer learning on impact that it enables

How do our partners benefit?

With becoming a B Corp, Tea Rebellion will evolve our ongoing community initiatives and COVID farm fund into mature ongoing program to enable our partner farmers to invest now into much needed medium to long term climate, nature and people action. We are super excited about this opportunity and will share more details soon.

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