Earth Day Special - Tea Rebellion's Regenerative Tea Standards

Earth Day Special - Tea Rebellion's Regenerative Tea Standards


April 22 2024 is Earth Day.  This means a great deal to us at Tea Rebellion.  We believe like the Regenerative Organic Alliance that we need to "farm like the world depends on it". We want results fast and recognise financial and operational challenges in tea sector. This is why we are working on practical tea farming standards with our partner farmers and the policy community.

Earth Day Updates

We want to share two highlights with you today.

1️⃣ On the back of our successful Green Friday campaign last year we have again joined the Satemwa Tree Planting Club for 2024. Thank you for all your support during the campaign which enabled us to plant 250 new fruit trees for smallholders!  This has income, nutrition, biodiversity and carbon co-benefits! We love it when there are win-wins!

2️⃣As many of you might know, Tea Rebellion is working towards changing our food system to make it work for people and planet. Regenerative agriculture and "farming like the world depends on it" has become a priority. As such, accelerating the policy debate and piloting of generative practices is a 2024 strategic objective. Practically this means that we at Tea Rebellion are now:

  • Working on Tea Rebellion regenerative tea practice standards
  • Liaising with data & policy experts on how to advance adoption of regenerative practices
  • Talking to the finance sector about state of the art carbon and biodiversity payments

How to Get Involved

It is still early days for this agenda and this will be an iterative process with lots of involvement of different actors. If you feel you can contribute (or know someone who should) please reach out. 

Happy Earth Day and lets all "Farm Like the World Depends on it"