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What connects tea and astrology?

What does astrology and a good cup of tea have in common? Tea and astrology have been around for centuries, and yet, they they are both very relevant today. The right tea can build longevity, further creativity and maintain health. It can improve brain function and provide energy. Tea also has numerous benefits that work to improve mental health. We can use tea to better ourselves and understand others. Astrology can be used to indicate compatibility, and while it’s no exact science, we are hopeful that you will be encouraged to celebrate what makes each of us unique, make friends and step outside your comfort zone.

In a world wrought with pandemic worry and uncertainty, astrology has emerged as a comfort among both young and old. Astrology introduces us to parts of ourselves; we have gained guidance and advice, insight into our relationships and our future.

Tea and Astrology during the pandemic

Astrology has been around for years in various forms and its popularity has risen and fallen. In the 1960s and 70s, the New Age Movement, which is called by some the Age of Aquarius, since it was marked by Earth entering a 2,000 year period in which Earth moves into Aquarius, focused heavily on the zodiac and from there, slowly began to fall into the background. Horoscopes were found in the backs of magazines, and while fun, was never given much stock—until now.

Astrology has sky-rocked in popularity on social media, though not in the way you may expect. Instead of horoscope readings, millennials are using astrology as a personality indicator akin to the Myers-Briggs 16 Personality or Eneagram tests. Today, you are as much a Capricorn as you are an Entrepreneur (ESTP) or an Enthusiast (Eneagram Type 7). Our signs have become a source of pride. They are a badge of honour, particularly in relation to their strengths. The concept of astrology has moved in a humorous manner; it has become a highlight of meme culture.

Astrology in social media

While the scientific community is hesitant on the subject, at Tea Rebellion, we believe in the power of astrology and the power of a good cup of tea. We are seizing the opportunity to embrace self-discovery and build connections. We hope that you enjoy embarking on this journey with us, that you come to even more appreciate the world you live in and the people in your life. Enjoy pairing tea and astrology and be on a journey of discover. Cheers