Unlock the Authenticity of Tea: Tea Rebellion's Story

In a world where the tea industry is shrouded in secrecy and outdated practices, Tea Rebellion is boldly rebelling against the norm. Tea Rebellion's mission is to revolutionize how tea is traded, marketed, and consumed.

Tea Rebellion is not your average tea company. Wee prioritise transparency and provenance, sourcing their teas directly from smallholders and cooperatives who are committed to ethical practices. No more blends that hide the true origins of the tea or low-quality leaves masquerading as premium. Tea Rebellion believes in giving credit where it's due, ensuring that the people behind each tea are recognized and valued.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. Tea Rebellion is also dedicated to tea transparency, bringing awareness to the challenges faced by tea growers and workers. We are pushing for fair compensation, better working conditions, and sustainable practices across the industry.

Join the rebellion and discover a world of authentic, flavorful teas that make a difference. Explore Tea Rebellion's award-winning teas and learn more about our commitment to transparency and sustainability. Together, we can change the way tea is traded and create a brighter future for tea communities.

The Founding of Tea Rebellion

Tea Rebellion is not just a tea company; it is a rebellion against the traditional methods of trading, marketing, and consuming tea. This section will delve into the background of Tea Rebellion's founder, Annabel Kalmar, and explain how her experiences led to the founding of this unique and transparent tea company.

Annabel Kalmar: A Champion of Change

Annabel Kalmar, the founder behind Tea Rebellion, has a deep-rooted passion for improving farmers' market access and incomes. Her journey began while studying agriculture and working in the fields of El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, where she harvested coffee and interviewed farmers. It was during this time that she witnessed the challenges faced by tea growers and workers, such as outdated grading systems, challenging commodity markets, and low prices. These experiences ignited a passion to create positive change in the tea industry.

The Mission of Tea Rebellion

Driven by her desire to make a difference, Annabel founded Tea Rebellion with a clear mission in mind: to rebel against the intransparent, multi-layered tea industry and create a fair and transparent tea trade. She believes that tea drinkers should know the origins and the stories behind the teas they consume, and that the people who craft these teas should be credited for their hard work.

Direct Trade and Fair Returns

Tea Rebellion's commitment to direct trade sets us apart from many other tea companies. We source teas from smallholders and cooperatives who are transparent in their operations. By working directly with tea farmers, Tea Rebellion ensures that the farmers receive a fair return for their hard work and dedication. This direct trade model also allows Tea Rebellion to maintain a close relationship with the farmers, creating a true value network between the tea estates and the tea drinkers.

Embracing Single-Origin Teas

One of the key principles of Tea Rebellion is tea transparency. Unlike the traditional tea industry, which often blends low-quality teas across estates and continents to produce consistent but bland flavors, Tea Rebellion focuses on single-origin teas. This means that each tea has a unique flavor profile that reflects its specific terroir and the expertise of the tea farmers and tea masters who craft it. By offering single-origin teas, Tea Rebellion allows tea drinkers to explore a world of flavors and truly appreciate the diversity of tea.

Sourcing Process

One of the key aspects of Tea Rebellion's commitment to authenticity is our sourcing process. This direct trade model allows Tea Rebellion to build strong relationships with the partner farmers, understand their stories, and support other projects beyond tea trade that impact the communities.

By sourcing directly from smallholders and cooperatives, Tea Rebellion is able to offer a wide range of high-quality, flavorful teas. These teas are not only delicious but also have unique stories behind them. From tea festivals in Toronto to Paris, Tea Rebellion scours the world to find the best teas with interesting provenance. Each tea tells a story, and Tea Rebellion is committed to sharing these stories with tea drinkers.


Transparency is also a core value for Tea Rebellion. We believe in giving tea drinkers the information they need to make informed choices about the teas they consume. On their website, we provide detailed information about each tea, including its origin, flavor profile, and brewing instructions. This transparency allows tea lovers to explore different teas and make choices that align with their preferences.

Educating Tea Drinkers

Tea Rebellion's commitment to authenticity and transparency extends beyond sourcing and trade practices. We also aim to educate tea drinkers about the process of tea production and the people behind our teas. Through our blog, we share  articles about award-winning teas, tea tourism in Nepal, and even alternative ideas for tea dates. 

Why Tea Rebellion is Necessary

Tea Rebellion is not your ordinary tea company. It rebels against the intransparent tea industry and aims to create a fair and transparent tea trade where the story of the people behind the tea is heard and tea drinkers know who plants and picks their tea.

The tea industry has long practiced old methods that lack transparency and obscure tea provenance. Tea growers and workers face numerous challenges:

  • Outdated tea grading systems
  • Challenging commodity markets
  • Low prices

In addition, teas are often blended together to produce the same old cups of tea repeatedly, resulting in consistent but bland flavors. This blending for conformity keeps tea drinkers ignorant about the unique flavors and origins of different teas.

Furthermore, some larger fair trade certified estates contradict environmental and social standards with their compensation, housing, and land tenure for workers. This discrepancy between standards and reality undermines the trust that consumers place in fair trade certifications.

Tea Rebellion's Approach

Tea Rebellion refuses to conform to these industry practices. They believe in:

  • Crediting the people who craft their teas
  • Creating a future where true value networks exist between tea estates and tea drinkers

Unlike other tea companies, Tea Rebellion does not:

  • Blend teas across countries and continents
  • Add unnecessary ingredients like kiwis, oranges, and potatoes

Instead, they focus on showcasing the unique flavors and stories behind each tea.

Transparency in Tea Trade

By rebelling against the intransparent tea industry, Tea Rebellion aims to bring about a fair and transparent tea trade. They want tea drinkers to know exactly who is responsible for planting and picking their tea. This transparency allows consumers to make informed choices and support tea farmers who are committed to sustainable and ethical practices.

Tea Rebellion's commitment to direct trade is a key part of our rebellion. Direct trade ensures that tea farmers receive a fair return for their hard work and expertise.  By bypassing these middlemen, Tea Rebellion is able to establish direct relationships with tea farmers, ensuring that the value of their teas is recognized and appreciated.

Celebrating Tea Diversity

Through their rebellion, Tea Rebellion is not only changing the way tea is traded, but also how it is marketed and consumed. We challenge the notion that tea should be a generic, mass-produced product. Instead, we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of teas from different regions and farms. We want tea drinkers to appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into producing each cup of tea.

Empowering Tea Drinkers

By promoting transparency and offering teas with unique stories behind them, Tea Rebellion empowers tea drinkers to make informed choices about the teas they consume.  We provide information about the people behind the tea, such as the planters, pickers, workers, and tea masters. This not only gives tea drinkers a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each cup of tea but also helps them support sustainable and ethical tea production.

In Conclusion

Tea Rebellion's direct trade practices and commitment to transparency aim to positively impact  tea communities.  We focus on single-origin teas and unique stories behind each tea to empower tea drinkers to make informed choices and appreciate the true diversity of tea. Tea Rebellion aims to be a force for positive change in the tea industry. Through our rebellion we are creating a fair and transparent tea trade where the story of the people behind the tea is heard.