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Tumeric: Why it is popular and how to benefit from it!

Tumeric was all kinds of things before it became tea. For a long time it was used in Indian cooking and in Chinese medicine. Only recently has the Western world discovered its benefits. Now there is a increasing attention on how to add Tumeric to our daily routines. This is because of its active ingredient called curcumin. Curcumin has anti-inflammation and anti-antioxidant benefits and is confirmed to be beneficial against a lot of ailments (incl cancer),

It’s complicated, however! Turmeric by itself gets metabolized when we digest it and therefore only has limited beneficial effects by itself. Only when other ingredients are present that help the curcurmin to be adsorbed can we really benefit from the healing effect. Black pepper does just that and was found to increase the adsorption of curcumin by 2000%. Yes, that is an enormous amount!

May we introduce our new powdered tea called Golden Milk“. This organic, caffeine free tea was crafted by our Nepali tea partner Kanchanjangha. It contains turmeric as the main ingredient, some black pepper (now you know why!) ground ginger and cinnamon all together in powdered form.

Brewing Tip: We recommend to add about 2oz of hot water (just under boil) to 1-2 tsp of powder to a cup or bowl. Whisk with a chasen (matcha whisk) in zig zag motion until it’s a bit frothy and creamy. Add milk (or a milk replacement like oat milk) to your taste. Et voila your super healthy and delicious Golden Milk Latte is ready!