Transform the Tea Industry with Tea Rebellion

Transform the Tea Industry with Tea Rebellion

As you know, at Tea Rebellion, we aim to solve the problem of lack of tea transparency, quality and sustainability by providing tea lovers who care about fair trade & transparency with single-origin, farm-direct, award-winning teas. 

How do we make this work?

We offer long-term partnership to tea growers through co-branding and sustainable returns for specialty, organic, loose-leaf tea. We seek to build direct connections between consumers and producers that aim to empower, educate, and challenge the status quo in the industry.

Where do we focus?

At Tea Rebellion, we are focused exclusively on the less crowded yet rapidly growing specialty, single-origin tea market. Our teas are sold directly on our website and through our Authentic Tea Lovers Club subscription model as well as to select grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, schools & offices.

Why are we raising funds?

We want to scale our current farm partnerships from 6 to 10 which will help us drive greater impact in our partner communities. We are fundraising to increase the team’s capabilities around building brand and food service partnerships and scaling the business. 

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