Today (and every day) is Earth Day!

Today (and every day) is Earth Day!

Today is an important day. Its the day that we celebrate the breathtaking planet that we call our home!  Its also the day when we remind ourself that for the time being (a shorter time than we thought according to the last IPCC report) this planet remains habitable for us humans

Today is when we challenge our natural resource consumption behaviours. What behaviours will we need to live on this planet and keep natural resource use and climate change within certain boundaries - boundaries that will allow the planet to recover and replenish itself?

Here are three things that are clear to us:

  1. We need more nature in 2030 than in 2022
  2. The best time for reducing emissions was yesterday
  3. We need to start paying for the true value of food, water & natural resources

At Tea rebellion we stand for driving radical change in the tea industry - we make this happen through the type of tea we choose and how we partner with the communities that we support. More on WHY WE REBEL in our opening blog from 2017 on Rebelling with Purpose

Is #teachange happening at the speed tea lovers and tea communities need it? No sadly accelerated climate change, nature loss and insecure returns for tea farmers & workers (especially in the aftermath of the COVID crisis) means that the planet and its people need to adopt new behaviours faster.

As the guardians of land, (tea) farmers are a key part of the transition we need to see on this planet. As brand owners and retailers we can help farmers create  (and get paid for) carbon sinks and biodiverse habitats (through multicropping and regenerative farming practices). 

Stay tuned as we share from our learnings in this space.

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