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Tea Rebellion Community And COVID-19 Farm Fund

Tea Rebellion is supporting its farm partners by creating a Farm Fund. In the past months, COVID-19 has grown into a global pandemic that is unsettling our lives and has caused hardship around the world. WE ARE UNITED in going through this together with you and our tea partners farmers.

We have been thinking about how we might help – and we are naturally well placed to support our tea partners all around the world from the Himalayas in Nepal to Southern Africa in Malawi.  

Our partners

As we all know the severity of the crisis varies by a lot of factors, including government response and local health care systems.

Let’s look at Nepal for instance. The health system has suffered from a constant change in politics. The government response with a lockdown has been early and it is setting up quarantine centers and temporary hospitals across the country. However, before the outbreak, the number of ICUs (Intensive Care Units) was not enough.

Arjun Poudel, a journalist from the Kathmandu Post, claims that as Covid-19 cases rise, the existing health infrastructure will not be able to take care of all the patients (Poudel, 2020). 

In Malawi, a poor country by global development standards (ranking on 2018 Global Development Index on position 172 out of 189) its population is mostly concentrated in rural locations. The local health infrastructure is of prime importance right now and our Malawian partner Satemwa is is focused on ensuring the local health clinics are well set up to support the community through the crisis. Satemwa’s distribution of masks and physical distancing requirements during packaging operations are featured on the banner of this blog.

Our Covid-19 Farm Fund is here to support our partners farms in their local response, so they may help their communities and affected families.

The COVID 19 Farm fund is now live online. You can choose to support the fund directly or chip in during your order checkout (all optional). All your contributions will help us in our joint effort to STAND UNITED with our partners.

Thank you for helping us make a difference through tea.

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