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Looking for more tea community?

For many of us who are big tea festival fans the pandemic has prevented us from attending tea festivals. We missed the the rich source of community, learning and exchange. When ever have tea enthusiasts walked into a room full of people who care just as much about the 2nd most common beverage on earth? Yes exactly, its rare and hence the opportunity to attend these events was something we all deeply cherish. One of the hopes for 2021 and 2022 are that tea festivals are back and are embracing all the new innovations in format and technology that will make them possible and ever evolving to be both climate friendly and safe for all of us.

In the meantime, how have you fed you tea curiosity and desire to meet and exchange views with other tea lovers? In the midst of a lockdown this winter, a colleague invited me explore a then very small community on an audio only app that allows for direct connections and exchange. In the past I had not known myself as a big audio person. I always used to turn to turn “talk shows” off as it bothered me that everyone talked an no one seem to listen. This has changed for me now and and I occasionally tune into business podcasts. Yet, most of these are not interactive – the audience cannot participate. This seems a shame to me. And then I discovered Clubhouse. I soon figured out that this people to people app is an awesome route for connecting tea lovers across the globe, build community and facilitate peer to peer tea learning.

So we launched Tea Rebellion Social – a club on clubhouse. Note that conversations are taking place at the same time every week (Friday at 10 at 10 am EST/3 pm GMT), are in the present only (i.e are not recorded). We invite speakers to participate around topics that are of interest among tea lovers and concerned global citizens. Recently we have chatted about the following.

  • Your route to tea: bring a cup and share
  • International Tea Day: where are we on the change agenda for tea?
  • Busting Tea Myths
  • Tea Travel and Tea Tours
  • Tea and Wine
  • Starting with Why and Tea

We would love to hear from you in our weekly chats. To join follow the link here to get a personalized invite and then rock up at Friday’s at 10 am EST/3 pm GMT. The club is open to anyone and to join the stage and contribute you just raise your hand. Its simple and low key. Do join us!

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