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“Kinderpunch” please

German holiday traditions are widely held up as pretty unique and beautiful – on top of this ranks the German Christmas markets which are outdoors, so atmospheric and full of delicious smells and treats. These markets are somewhat magical and really something that gets us into the holiday mood almost immediately.

One of the key features of these beloved markets that has many people hang out there for hours (catching up with friends, being on dates, celebrating with colleagues) is “Gluehwein” which is hot brewed wine with warming holiday spices such as gloves and cinnamon. “Gluehwein” is also often referred to as mulled win in English speaking countries.

When I was in Germany recently I was surprised to see a mushrooming of this classic German winter market beverage. Not only did I have hot white wine (tasted delicious not even sure of the spices they put but can highly recommend it) and other berry based hot drinks with rum in them (referred to as“Grogg”).

I also first time ever got to know the kids version referred to as “Kinderpunch” that is a hot juice beverage brewed with fruit teas, usually hibiscus tea. Its delicious, super warming and can easy be made at home using our pure and fresh red hibiscus tea. It is basically a virgin version of Glühwein and the tanginess of the red hibiscus makes it less sweet while being equally delicious. Its the perfect delicious hot beverage to stay warm as you meander through these markets any time of the day and choose to be sober 🙂

I made it for my kids last weekend, and both kids and adults really enjoyed it. The adults even refrained from alcohol as they preferred the Kinderpunch (isn’t that a score!). So here is me sharing from my home experiment. If you have tried it at home please comment on whether you used this recipe or a variation. Would love to hear back.

Here is how I made it (Note: you could add cinnamon sticks and anise stars if you have them available. Feel free to replace some of the juice with cherry juice if you prefer. Lots of variations of this recipe exist)


  • 3 cups of orange juice
  • 2 cups of apple juice  
  • 10 Gloves (whole just drop them in)
  • 5 Hibiscus tea bags (or five tablespoons of loose red hibiscus flowers)

How to:

  • Add all ingredients except the tea into a pot, boil and let it simmer for 15 minutes
  • Take of the heat , add the tea bags and steep for 10 minutes
  • Remove the tea bags – Serve hot (reheat if it has cooled down)

Et voila, your super festive Christmas drink is ready to be served.