Green Friday wins over Black Friday

Green Friday: A Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

Black Friday, a day synonymous with consumerism and environmental degradation, is evolving as the concept of Green Friday takes root. This sustainable alternative emphasizes mindful shopping and eco-friendly choices, aligning with the values of Tea Rebellion. As a brand dedicated to transparency, provenance, and sustainability, Tea Rebellion supports Green Friday and its mission to change the way we shop for a better planet.

The Problem with Black Friday

Black Friday, known for its enticing deals and discounts, comes with a darker side. The environmental consequences are severe, including CO2 emissions from shipping and transportation, plastic packaging waste affecting oceans, and the disposal of unwanted items in landfills. Black Friday affects consumer choices - we shop more including items we do not really want or need.

This stimulates short term consumerism and overconsumption which exacerbates climate change and harms the planet. Black Friday also contributes to negative social impacts such as short term product cycles and worker exploitation in the fast fashion industry. The relentless pursuit of consumerism and materialism leads to financial stress for many individuals. 

Satemwa and Green Friday: A Sustainable Alternative

Supporting Green Friday, Tea Rebellion partners with Satemwa, a tea estate in Malawi that values transparency and sustainability. Satemwa's Tea Planting Club works with scientists and universities to select economically viable trees for Malawi, organises events and trainings for farmers, and distributes a variety of trees to smallholder farmers, contributing to sustainable reforestation efforts. This collaboration allows Tea Rebellion to offer award-winning teas from Satemwa while promoting Green Friday as an environmentally responsible alternative to Black Friday.

How to Participate in Green Friday

Embracing Green Friday involves making sustainable shopping choices, such as creating a shopping list and adhering to it, purchasing eco-friendly products, and supporting businesses with environmentally conscious practices. Instead of focusing on material possessions, prioritize experiences that create lasting memories. Additionally, consider alternative ways to spend Green Friday, including participating in environmental events, tree planting activities, or spending time outdoors with loved ones. You can also engage in environmentally-friendly activities that help to clean up the environment.

Tea Rebellion proudly supports Green Friday by offering ethically-sourced, award-winning teas from smallholders and cooperatives committed to transparency. By choosing Tea Rebellion, you can enjoy authentic, true-to-origin flavors while making a positive impact on the planet.


Green Friday is gaining momentum as a sustainable alternative to Black Friday, promoting eco-friendly practices and mindful consumption. Businesses like Tea Rebellion are committed to driving positive change by offering sustainable products and supporting environmentally responsible initiatives. By choosing Green Friday over Black Friday, you can make a difference for the planet while enjoying high-quality, ethically-sourced teas from many small businesses such as Tea Rebellion.