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Fathers, Meet Tea Rebellion By Camille Forsythe-Barrie

Historically speaking, brewed loose-leaf tea has not been positioned to specifically address the amazing fathers in our lives. But, why not? Well, advertisements initially targeted women in the 1950’s. Over the years there hasn’t been great effort to expand, until now. We are here to encourage all fathers, and men, to experience the tea rebellion too!

Fathers, what’s in the rebellion for you?

Male or female, all busy working professionals share many weekday similarities. Like early morning routines, the work commute, arriving at the office, making a coffee or tea, lunchtime, work breaks, the evening unwind, etc. It’s not uncommon to require a pick-me-up/reset and wind-me-down beverage at some point during the day. Wouldn’t a fresh healthy option be ideal?

The pick-me-up/reset

It is not only the tea that holds the power to restore your energy and remain productive and focused, it’s also the act of stepping away from a task to refresh and reboot the mind. Science has proven that creativity and the “aha” moments are more frequent for those who take regular breaks throughout the day. What better reason to step away from your desk for 5 minutes than to brew a cup of fresh and pure tea? Did you know that “regular tea drinkers do tend to show a calmer physiological response to unsettling situations”? Also, it is reported that there appears to be a 37% lower risk of depression amongst those who drink 3 cups per day.

The wind-me-down

Contrary to popular belief, green tea is an excellent way to unwind in the afternoon. There is scientific research showing that the theanine in tea leaves reduces stress and improves sleep quality. However, be sure to keep the recommended brewing time to a minimum, as the longer you brew the more potent your tea will be.

It’s time to celebrate and cheers to dad!

We encourage you to consider gifting the many benefits of a tea lifestyle this year! Switch up the status quo and indulge the fathers in your life with a special life-changing treat. He will receive our pure loose-leaf tea, tea spoon, and a universal tea diffuser, which is everything he needs to brew! Head on over to the Tea Rebellion website for more information and Happy Father’s Day!

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