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3 Tips on how to brew great Summer Teas

It’s summer and we like our teas to reflect that too! Yes, apparently it is really good for you to to drink teas hot even in high temperatures in order to have your body do the cooling down, BUT Canadian summers do get very very hot! We are out an about and we want a refreshing, pure drink. Here we go! Nothing easier than that when you have amazing tea leaves to hand. God on to read our 3 Tips on how to brew fiercely authentic summer teas at home the easy way! Enjoy

  1. Cold Brewing: This is THE easiest way. It requires good water, a little bit of time and a way to remove the leaves from the brew – and that’s it. The result will be a flowery, lighter, more refreshing taste. The brew will also have less caffeine. Teas that are great as cold brew in our experience are White Teas, Oolongs and some Japanese Greens. Give that a go! Use the same quantity that you would use for hot brewing in a cup or a large jar and pour filtered water over. Then remove the leaves from the brew after ran hour or more (1 hour for white, 1-2 hours for Green and about 3 hours or more for Oolongs).
  2. Hot Brew and cool naturally. This is a good option for teas that need the hot water to have a great taste – in our experience many blacks, herbals and darker oxidized oolongs are in this camp. Brewing tea and then letting it cool down naturally is preferred to adding ice to a boiling hot tea as it means that the flavour is not dispersed or diluted. However sometimes there is no time for that so then we go to Option When hot brewing some people like to increase the intensity of the brew by adding more leaves. This is up to everyones flavour preference! We usually do not do that as we allow our teas to cool naturally which preserves there flavours better.
  3. Hot brew and cool with ice. Once you are done with brewing it hot just can add the ice you like and your ice tea is ready. This is great if you are in a rush or just very thirsty! If you like your tea strong you might want to brew it with double the leaves as it will get diluted in the cooling down over ice process.

Enjoy your amazing summer brews!