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We have great news! Tea Rebellion has participated the first time ever in a tea competition! We entered several teas to be judged blindly (no branding) by tea lovers for the upcoming Toronto Tea Festival. Guess what?  We won across several tea categories! This is of course all due to the amazing teas crafted by our partner farms! Yes, the rebellion for fiercely authentic tea is gaining momentum… want to join us at the tea bar to help us celebrate? Here is the tally:

  1. 1st Prize: White Tea Category: White Prakash from Nepal
  2. 2nd and 5th Prize: Oolong Tea Category: Medium Roast Oolongfrom Indonesia AND Forever Spring Oolong from Taiwan
  3. 5th Prize: Black Tea Category: Kumari Gold from Nepal

The Festival is taking place on February 1 ,2 ,3 at the Toronto Reference Library in Toronto. Get your tickets here. 

You love Tea Rebellion so much you want to be a helper at the event? Amazing, drop us a note.. we are still looking for helpers as its a full on three days event.

Want to get all four teas before the festival in case we run out? Check out our winning tea bundle with qualifies for free shipping here in Canada and the US.

Cheers from the Tea Bar

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About the author: Annabel Kalmar founded Tea Rebellion to change the way tea is traded and to connect tea drinkers with tea farmers. She noted that consumers care deeply about the origin of their coffee, but are still in the dark when it comes to their tea. She developed a passion for improving farmers’ market access and incomes while studying agriculture and working in the fields of El Salvador and St. Lucia, harvesting coffee and interviewing farmers. She founded Tea Rebellion to change how tea is traded, marketed and consumed.

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