Our “Rebel Leaf” Reward Program

1. What is “Rebel Leaf”?

Rebel Leaf is Tea Rebellion’s Rewards Program. The program is our way of saying thank you customers for helping to support our social impact venture. You are rewarded for supporting the grown of this movement and for your love of fiercely authentic tea

2. How does the Tea Rebellion’s Rewards Program work?

Tea Rebellion’s Rewards Program* is part of the Tea Rebellion community. You are automatically enrolled in the program when you create an account with www.TeaRebellion.com.  The program is simple, for every $1 spent at our web store, you earn 1 Rebel Leaf. When you reach 100 Rebel Leafs, you are eligible to, redeem for more tea. Perfect for any tea lover.

3. How do I earn Rebel Leaf?

It is easy to earn Rebel Leafs! 

Rewards are automatically added to your account when you are logged in.
You can earn rewards the following ways:

  • Create an account: Earn 10 Rebel Leaf when you create an account at www.TeaRebellion.com
  •  Make a purchase: Earn 1 Rebel Leaf for every $1 spent at www.TeaRebellion.com *
  • Review a tea: Earn $5 for reviewing a tea you bought
  • Have a birthday: If you have registered your birthday when signing up you get 100 Rebel Leafs that day

 *Rebel Leaf earned by making a purchase remain in 'pending' status for 15 days after the purchase to allow for returns and/or exchanges.

4. What can I redeem with Rebel Leaf?

Once you have earned 100 Rebel Leaf, you can redeem on any teas available on the website (accessories excluded). You can also use it towards joining or gifting the Authentic Tea Lovers Club your Rebel Leafs.

5. How do I access the Program and review my Rebel Leafs ?

Once you are logged in you will see the status of your Rebel Leaf account. It will show you whether you already have reached 100 Rebel Leafs that can be redeemed or not yet.

6. How do I redeem my Rebel Leaf ?

To redeem your Rebel Leaf , sign into your account. From the 'My Account' section, navigate to Tea Rebel.

7. Why are my Rebel Leaf  Rewards in 'pending' status?

The Rebel Leafs Rewards earned by making a purchase remain in 'pending' status for 15 days after the purchase to allow for returns and/or exchanges. The Tea Leaf Rewards can be redeemed after 15 days.

8. Will my Rebel Leafs expire?

Yes. Your Rebel Leafs will expire after 180 days.

9. Can I earn Rebel Leaf for my past purchases?

Rebel Leaf can be earned on all purchases made on or after May 01, 2020.

10. Can I redeem rewards if I checked out as a guest (without signing into my account)?

You will not see Rebel Leafs if you checked out as a guest and did not create an account. Please create an account using the same email, you used when making your purchase. 

Rebel Leafs earned will automatically be added to your account from after May 01, 2020..

If you made a purchase using a different email, please note Rebel Leafs are tied to your email address. If you encounter issues and need assistance please contact info@tearebellion.com.

11. Why can't I see my Rebel Leafs?

If you have questions, please contact Tea Rebellion on info@tearebellion.com for assistance.

Please Note:

*Products in promotion will not accumulate Rebel Leafs

**Rebel Leafs will be earned only with orders made on the website www.TeaRebellion.com