Zomba Pearls

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This white tea is hand rolled and has a striking profile. Each pearl is created by harvesting a whole-leaf then painstakingly rolling it into a tightly-wrapped pearl followed by carefully drying the pearls in the sun. The tea is truly a labour of love! Due to sun-drying, Zomba Pearls can only be crafted in at limited times, on clear and sunny days. The pearls unfurl beautifully in hot water. The leaves yield countless infusions, with flavours unfolding and developing with each steep.Only 20 kg is produced each year of this unique tea.

Character: Eye-catching, Exotic, Lovable

Ingredients: White loose-leaf tea

Cultivation and Certification: Conventional (pesticide-free, with herbicide use) Fair Trade, UTZ+ and Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Brewing instructions: Brew a heaping spoonful or 3g of leaf at 85- 90 C°/ 185-195°F, Gongfu or Western style.

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Prudence Paula of Satemwa, www.tearebellion.comMeet Prudence Paula, 35 years old and one of Satemwa’s female farm workers producing this unique tea. Like many of Satemwa’s workers, Prudence comes from one of the villages around the farm. After hand rolling the withered leaves, Prudence places them in the sun for drying. Prudence produces about 350 grams of dried tea over a whole day.

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To ensure tea freshness, all teas are shipped in resealable opaque tea pouches ( 5.6 by 18.4 by 7.6 cm)

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  1. naomi.holter (verified owner)

    This tea is beautiful. I ordered a combination pack of tea from Tea Rebellion that included Zomba Pearls. Loved it so much, I reordered. Every person to whom I have served this tea has expressed pleasure. Not only is it unique and created with much care, it is the best white tea I have ever experienced. So smooth. It’s hard to explain the flavour profile; subtly earthy with some sweetness. It feels like one is drinking the earth. Highly recommend.

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