Purple Leaf Tea

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Purple Leaf Tea is a cultivar of the Assamica varietal whose bushes grow purple leaves due to a high level of the antioxidant: Anthocyanins. Purple Tea is low in caffeine. Similar to a green tea, this purple tea is unoxidized to retain the most health benefits. Tumoi Purple Tea tastes of sweet plums and fresh spring greens. Unblended, the natural liquor colour is green-blue. With a drop of lemon, however, the steeped tea turns vibrant purple-pink – an entirely new tea experience.

Character: Energetic, Wholesome, Surprising

Ingredients: Purple loose-leaf tea.

Cultivation & Certification: Conventional (pesticide free and no spraying on leaves). Organic certification expected in 2020

Brewing instructions: One tea spoon brewed at 80°C/ 175°F for about 3 mins.


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Boaz Katah from Tumoi Teas on tea rebellion.comBoaz Katah is the Tumoi Teas Cottage Factory Manager and a computer science graduate who also holds an MBA. His innovation skills in engineering, together with YouTube videos and lots of literature from the Internet, allowed him to build machinery and a cottage factory that processes all their orthodox teas. He is excited to create new job opportunities for his neighbours in Nadi Hills. Boaz is married to Jamila also works for Tumoi Teas. Jamila is passionate about children and seeing lives transformed through reading, and is actively involved in Tumoi teas’ educational activities.

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Dimensions15.6 × 18.4 × 7.6 cm

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To ensure tea freshness:
1) loose teas are shipped in resealable opaque tea pouches ( 5.6 by 18.4 by 7.6 cm)
2) Pyramid tea bags are sealed in compostable clear bags and then filled in recyclable boxes (8.9 by 8.9 by 8.9 cm)

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  1. tswilcox (verified owner)

    As delicious as it is beautiful, the Purple Tea is our family’s new favourite tea. It is slightly more flavourful than green tea, with no bitterness. Bonus: watch what happens when you add lemon to this tea – it’s a pink surprise!

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