Medium Roast Oolong


Medium Roasted Oolong: This is a medium oxidized Oolong which is rolled in big cloths during processing to have the distinct physical appeal.  The rolling leads to a slower unfolding of taste notes, so re-steep this tea several times to allow all leaves to unfold completely. Made from a distinct variety that gives milky and creamy notes, this tea is naturally sweet and has a lasting finish. This oolong also makes an excelled ice tea!

Comes in temporary pouch with fill weight of 12g (3- 4 servings each with 5 re-steeps). We are printing the final pouches right now

Character: Sweet, Earthy, Everlasting

Ingredients: Organic oolong loose-leaf tea

Cultivation and Certification: Certified Organic by Ecocert for Canada Organic Regime and USDA

Brewing instructions: A heaping spoonful or 4 grams, brew for 2 mins at 88°C /190°F, resteep uptown five times, adding steeping time with each brew.

*This product is available only in Canada and the United States.

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Dimensions15.621 × 18.415 × 7.62 cm

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To ensure tea freshness, all teas are shipped in resealable opaque tea pouches ( 5.6 by 18.4 by 7.6 cm)


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