Light Oolong, Rolled

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Light Oolong, Rolled, is lightly oxidized. During processing this oolong is rolled in big cloths to create the distinct physical appeal and allows the leaves to unfold slower. This allows the tea to be resteeped many times; each time the leaves and aroma unfolds further until they are fully open. The tea is light, milky, vegetal, nutty and floral with some clean mineral notes that are typical for Indonesian teas. This is a great replacement for green teas (which often are difficult to brew and turn bitter). A great iced tea option.

Character: Bright, Smooth, Fulfilling

Ingredients: Organic oolong loose-leaf tea

Cultivation and Certification: Certified Organic by Ecocert for Canada Organic Regime and USDA

Brewing instructions: A heaping spoonful or 4 grams, brew for 2 mins at 90°C /195°F, Gaiwan brewing preferred, resteep slightly longer with each new brew

*This product is available only in Canada and the United States.

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Pak Asep of Harendong, www.tearebelliion.comMr. Pak Asep is one of the longest tenured member of PT Harendong. Throughout his career at the plantation, he held various roles from leading the protection services department, garden management, to his current role of human resources management. Growing up in a surrounding village, he is very appreciative of Harendong’s impact on the local economy as well as eco-friendly farming. His affinity towards Harendong combined with his close relationship with the local workforce makes him an ideal liaison for maintaining a harmonious partnership.

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To ensure tea freshness, all teas are shipped in resealable opaque tea pouches ( 5.6 by 18.4 by 7.6 cm)

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  1. naomi.holter (verified owner)

    One can taste the quality. The care given to this tea is so present; furthermore, each steep reveals new flavour notes. I reordered because I prefer my collection with this tea in it.

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