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Kukicha, literally “stem tea”, is made from the stems of green tea leaves. Kukicha is made with flavourful first flush leaves, with the stems carefully separated during the production process. The tea is crafted from the popular Yabukita cultivar.
The resulting tea is made completely of small but whole stems, producing a brilliantly bright green appearance and a bright, rich aroma. The flavour is sweet and grassy with fresh citrus notes and a hint of seaweed. 

Character: Distinct, Vibrant, Refreshing

Ingredients: Organic green loose-leaf tea

Cultivation and Certification: Certified Organic by Ecocert for Canada Organic Regime and USDA

Brewing instructions: One heaping spoonful or 3 grams, brew for 30 seconds at 90°C/ 190°F.

*This product is available only in Canada and the United States.

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Toshikaki Kinezuka of NaturaliTea, www.tearebellion.comToshiaki Kinezuka, started organic tea farming in 1976 when organic tea was unheard off. Toshiaki had a very hard time – he got fired from the farmers’ association, and many who didn’t like his practices had fun watching him have problems with pests and disease on his tea field. At first, he was producing “brown tea” instead of green tea. However, little by little Toshiaki learned how to grow organic tea. Some farmers who understood Toshiaki’s idea also switched to organic. They created a group, and eventually created NaturaliTea. Toshiaki is now 74 years old – he is still working hard in the tea fields every day.

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  1. tswilcox (verified owner)

    This is the most delicious green tea I’ve ever had! There is no chalky taste, just a smooth, mellow warmth. It may look like grass, but it tastes absolutely nothing like it. And the tea’s colour is a gorgeous shade of green. Get a clear teapot for this one!!

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