Charcoal Houjicha


Naturalitea, our organic tea partner in Fujieda grows, harvests and processes this tea. To complete the final step of deep rosting (this charcoal Hochija is roasted deeper than our Premium Hochija) it is send off to another local facility to prevent cross contamination of smells for the more subtle of Naturaliteas teas.

Ingredients: Charcoal Hochija, green tea powder

Certification: While the tea from which this charcoal hochija is made from 100% organic tea leaves , the secondary processor does not have the organic certification.

Brewing instructions: Add about 2oz of about 80 C water to 1-2 tsp of powder to a cup or bowl. Stir or whisk until its frothy/creamy, then add milk or milk alternative to taste. Enjoy!


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This tea is grown and harvested by Naturalitea our organic tea partner in Japan, Fujieda. Once it has finished secondary processing it is send off to another local roster to complete the deep rosting process.

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