Alishan Black


This Black Tea of the Forever Spring varietal is hand-picked from Alishan’s finest hill tea gardens at an altitude of 1200-1500 meters.
It brews a bright, translucent amber with fragrant notes of honey, maple syrup, and the classic floral scent of Oolong made from the Forever Spring varietal.
Superbly smooth, it leaves the mouth and throat refreshed and clean.

Character: Soft, smooth, sweet

Awards: 5th place winner at Toronto Tea Festival

Ingredients: Black Loose-Leaf Tea

Brewing Instructions: For best results use two spoonfullsor 6g for 200ml, brew for 1 min at 95°C/ 203°F. Re-steep up to 4 times, adding steeping time with each brew.



Meet Valencia, Ai Fang’s daughter who is 26 years old: “I grew up in a tea family that has been making Oolong tea for five generations. I have been fascinated by our tea culture ever since being a little kid. I enjoy meeting passionate tea lovers and making connection with tea people.” Valencia Launched Tea Tours where she shares anything and everything about tea in Taiwan.

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Dimensions 15.6 × 18.4 × 7.6 cm

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To ensure tea freshness, all teas are shipped in resealable opaque tea pouches (15.6 by 18.4 by 7.6 cm)


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