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3 Tea Groups That Benefit The Mind, Body & Soul

By Samantha Boem / March 31, 2020
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Tea has long been known to provide us with a lot of health benefits. From boosting immunity to feeling more energetic, around the world tea and herbal infusions are widely believed to be good for mind, body and even soul. Whether it be our physical, emotional, or mental health, many a tea lovers enjoy the…

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Tea Rebellion_Tumeric Why and How

Tumeric: Why it is popular and how to benefit from it!

By Annabel Kalmar / February 28, 2020
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Tumeric was all kinds of things before it became tea. For a long time it was used in Indian cooking and in Chinese medicine. Only recently has the Western world discovered its benefits. Now there is a increasing attention on how to add Tumeric to our daily routines. This is because of its active ingredient…

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Kinderpunch recipe Tea Rebellion

“Kinderpunch” please

By Annabel Kalmar / December 20, 2019
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German holiday traditions are widely held up as pretty unique and beautiful – on top of this ranks the German Christmas markets which are outdoors, so atmospheric and full of delicious smells and treats. These markets are somewhat magical and really something that gets us into the holiday mood almost immediately. One of the key…

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