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Join an African Tea Tasting event online

We are participating in an awesome collaboration to help spread the knowledge and love for African artisanal teas and support our partner farms out there. What do you know about Malawi? People sometimes get the location confused and others might recall that Madonna adopted several kids from there. Yet there is soooo much more to… Read more

Naglapa school with two kids

We (Tracy, Nishchal and Annabel) raised $10,000 with your amazing help through our crowdfunding campaign (#keepkidssafeandclose) to build a small school for the Kanchanjangha cooperative tea farmers kids in Nepal. The funds were raised end of 2018 and the school was build January to April 2019 and is now almost finished. That’s amazing and we… Read more

Tea Rebellion_Beyond Matcha_Handrolling

Beyond Matcha: Tea & Community in 2019 Japan

Japan and I: I was apprehensive about travelling to Japan. Why? My prior experience in 2005 creates some personal baggage, allegorically speaking. In 2005 I attended an international development meeting which took place in Tokyo, and then took the weekend to venture out to Kyoto by myself. Of course, I was mesmerized by the culture… Read more

Getting close to Oolong

Sipping Pure: Getting Close to Oolong

Curious to know how our founder, Annabel, spent her time learning about all things Oolong with Jhentea in Yilan County, Taiwan? Yilan County, Taiwan, is the most famous for Oolong production. However, it is increasingly produced in other countries as well (we carry lovely Oolongs from Malawi and Indonesia). Many jokes abound when it comes… Read more

Success against all odds: Growing organic high mountain tea in Nepal

Nepal has experienced complex political, democratic and social challenges (think caste system) that have evolved over the past 30 years. Upon our arrival, we had to quickly absorb the recent political history and turmoil the country has endured since before and after the tragic massacre of the royal family and King Birendra in June 2001… Read more

Tea-riffic Adventures

On Sunday May 27, Tea Rebellion will be embarking on an exciting two-week adventure across the globe to two of our partner tea farms. First stop, Taiwan! Ready to join us in the field? On May 28, fourth generation tea maker Ai Fang Kuei-Chen and her family of Jhentea will welcome us and educate us on all… Read more