Naglapa school with two kids

We (Tracy, Nishchal and Annabel) raised $10,000 with your amazing help through our crowdfunding campaign (#keepkidssafeandclose) to build a small school for the Kanchanjangha cooperative tea farmers kids in Nepal. The funds were raised end of 2018 and the school was build January to April 2019 and is now almost finished. That’s amazing and we… Read more

Test your tea intelligence

Do you consider yourself a well-informed tea drinker? But how much do you really know about your tea?  Here’s your task:10 questions that test your understanding of tea – the beverage, the industry and the history. Learn during which wars tea was used as a trade currency and what tea traditions ought to be broken. We… Read more

Is Certification Still the Gold Standard for Tea? Fair Trade Tea Certification,

In tea, like in many other global commodities, standards around social and environmental sustainability have created awareness about practices on estates and plantations and led to some improvements. The key ones include Fairtrade, Ethical Tea Partnership, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and of course organic standards. Many of these are very well regarded, require certification by third… Read more