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A Brief History Lesson on a Pleasant Pastime…

By Amy / June 1, 2020
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People have been drinking tea for about five thousand years, and it is likely they have been reading the leaves of our favourite beverage for as long. Tasseomancy is believed to have begun with the ancient Chinese, who read the residue at the bottom of their cups for patterns, signs, and omens.  As tea became…

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Tea Rebellion Tea Review

Tea Rebellion Tea | Tea Review

By Danielle Ross / November 14, 2019
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Tea Rebellion has a mission to rebel, raise, and trade tea! Rebel against how it is consumed and acquired. Raise the bar by providing authentic, quality tea. Trade directly with family farms and partners to provide a wholesome business practice. They strive to have relationships with the tea farmers and make sure that their farmers…

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Tea Rebellion’s White Prakash & Kumari Gold | Tea Review

By Connie / July 19, 2019
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I learned about Tea Rebellion online when Annabel, the owner, was part of a fundraising campaign to fund a school in Nepal. Therefore, when I met Annabel at the 2019 Toronto Tea Festival, I knew that I wanted to spotlight her brand. The core foundation of Tea Rebellion comes from the idea that Annabel, while studying…

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