Annabel Kalmar, founder of Tea Rebellion, Photo by PC Foo

When Tea Rebellion was approached by Daphne Gorden, writer for LiisBeth magazine, which focuses on activism, action and feminist practices, we were very intrigued. The article Daphne crafted from talking to several of our partner farmers, the founder and the core team focuses on trade transparency and our direct trade model. Read on to discover… Read more

Is Certification Still the Gold Standard for Tea? Fair Trade Tea Certification,

In tea, like in many other global commodities, standards around social and environmental sustainability have created awareness about practices on estates and plantations and led to some improvements. The key ones include Fairtrade, Ethical Tea Partnership, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and of course organic standards. Many of these are very well regarded, require certification by third… Read more

How Direct Trade Helps Tea Farmers and Small Retailers,

Tea production output both in quantity and quality varies on a weekly and monthly basis. During British colonial rule, this gave rise to pricing through the auction system. Auctions still exist in former British colonies like India, Kenya, Malawi and many others. This system determines the price of tea from estate to estate on a… Read more

Rebelling with Purpose, Tea Transparency,

Rebelling with Purpose

In 1773 Bostonians protested “taxation without representation” by throwing tea into the harbour. Today the tea industry still holds onto old practices that lack transparency and obscure tea provenance. It’s time for another tea rebellion. Today, tea growers and workers face outdated tea-grading systems, challenging commodity markets and low prices. Their teas are blended together… Read more