Plant-Based Packaging – Why its Worth It

Since I launched Tea Rebellion in 2017 one of the questions that keeps arising among food entrepreneurs is whether Plant-based packaging is worth it. Here is the debate: Currently in Canada (and I am sure in many other countries too), municipalities do not have the advanced recycling and composting capabilities that we will help us… Read more

African Tea Tasting Event Malawi Satemwa Tea Rebellion

Join an African Tea Tasting event online

We are participating in an awesome collaboration to help spread the knowledge and love for African artisanal teas and support our partner farms out there. What do you know about Malawi? People sometimes get the location confused and others might recall that Madonna adopted several kids from there. Yet there is soooo much more to… Read more

People have been drinking tea for about five thousand years, and it is likely they have been reading the leaves of our favourite beverage for as long. Tasseomancy is believed to have begun with the ancient Chinese, who read the residue at the bottom of their cups for patterns, signs, and omens.  As tea became… Read more