Tea has long been known to provide us with a lot of health benefits. From boosting immunity to feeling more energetic, around the world tea and herbal infusions are widely believed to be good for mind, body and even soul. Whether it be our physical, emotional, or mental health, many a tea lovers enjoy the… Read more

Tea Rebellion_Where is the Tea in Afternoon Tea?

Many of us tea lovers have discovered a love for different types of tea through the English tradition of “Afternoon Tea” or “High Tea“. And for this, we are of course forever grateful!In this blog, we daringly focus our attention on this most traditional of British traditions and pose the question” Where is the Tea in Afternoon Tea?First, let’s look at the origins… Read more

Our Tea Lovers’ Club is live…

Again and again we have been asked whether we have a tea lovers’ club. Well now we do!  ….Our Authentic Tea Lovers Club is a fantastic way to try a wide range of our fiercely authentic teas.  All our teas are bold, pure and united.  Club membership is the perfect gift to yourself, friend or family member that positively impacts… Read more

Fathers, Meet Tea Rebellion

Historically speaking, brewed loose-leaf tea has not been positioned to specifically address the amazing fathers in our lives. But, why not? Well, advertisements initially targeted women in the 1950’s. Over the years there hasn’t been great effort to expand, until now. We are here to encourage all fathers, and men, to experience the tea rebellion… Read more

Tea Rebellion_How to gift a fiercely authentic mother's day

Sunday May 13, 2018 will mark the 104th year of a celebration called “Mother’s Day” in North America. Prior to this time, the ancient Greeks and Romans honored their mother goddesses, Rhea and Cybele, and the Christian’s established a festival known as “Mothering Sunday”. At Tea Rebellion, we want to take a remember the history… Read more