Getting close to Oolong

Curious to know how our founder, Annabel, spent her time learning about all things Oolong with Jhentea in Yilan County, Taiwan? Yilan County, Taiwan, is the most famous for Oolong production. However, it is increasingly produced in other countries as well (we carry lovely Oolongs from Malawi and Indonesia). Many jokes abound when it comes… Read more

Success against all odds: Growing organic high mountain tea in Nepal

Nepal has experienced complex political, democratic and social challenges (think caste system) that have evolved over the past 30 years. Upon our arrival, we had to quickly absorb the recent political history and turmoil the country has endured since before and after the tragic massacre of the royal family and King Birendra in June 2001… Read more

Summer marks the beginning of beautiful warm weather accompanied by weekend family barbecues and patio parties. It is the time to be outdoors and relish the warm sunny weather while enjoying delicious food and refreshing cool iced beverages with the family! There is one homemade beverage that these family barbecues and parties cannot go without… Read more

Historically speaking, brewed loose-leaf tea has not been positioned to specifically address the amazing fathers in our lives. But, why not? Well, advertisements initially targeted women in the 1950’s. Over the years there hasn’t been great effort to expand, until now. We are here to encourage all fathers, and men, to experience the tea rebellion… Read more

On Sunday May 27, Tea Rebellion will be embarking on an exciting two-week adventure across the globe to two of our partner tea farms. First stop, Taiwan! Ready to join us in the field? On May 28, fourth generation tea maker Ai Fang Kuei-Chen and her family of Jhentea will welcome us and educate us on all… Read more

Tea Rebellion_How to gift a fiercely authentic mother's day

Sunday May 13, 2018 will mark the 104th year of a celebration called “Mother’s Day” in North America. Prior to this time, the ancient Greeks and Romans honored their mother goddesses, Rhea and Cybele, and the Christian’s established a festival known as “Mothering Sunday”. At Tea Rebellion, we want to take a remember the history… Read more

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