Tea has long been known to provide us with a lot of health benefits. From boosting immunity to feeling more energetic, around the world tea and herbal infusions are widely believed to be good for mind, body and even soul. Whether it be our physical, emotional, or mental health, many a tea lovers enjoy the… Read more

Tea Rebellion_Tumeric Why and How

Tumeric was all kinds of things before it became tea. For a long time it was used in Indian cooking and in Chinese medicine. Only recently has the Western world discovered its benefits. Now there is a increasing attention on how to add Tumeric to our daily routines. This is because of its active ingredient… Read more

2020 was our third time participating at the Toronto Tea Festival. We like to recap this event for our own benefit and that of our readers. Maybe you have already read a few recaps of this years’ event? Well this one is a bit different…. read on for a behind the scenes perspective of what… Read more

Kinderpunch recipe Tea Rebellion

“Kinderpunch” please

German holiday traditions are widely held up as pretty unique and beautiful – on top of this ranks the German Christmas markets which are outdoors, so atmospheric and full of delicious smells and treats. These markets are somewhat magical and really something that gets us into the holiday mood almost immediately. One of the key… Read more

Tea Rebellion_Where is the Tea in Afternoon Tea?

Many of us tea lovers have discovered a love for different types of tea through the English tradition of “Afternoon Tea” or “High Tea“. And for this, we are of course forever grateful!In this blog, we daringly focus our attention on this most traditional of British traditions and pose the question” Where is the Tea in Afternoon Tea?First, let’s look at the origins… Read more

Tea Rebellion Tea Review

Tea Rebellion has a mission to rebel, raise, and trade tea! Rebel against how it is consumed and acquired. Raise the bar by providing authentic, quality tea. Trade directly with family farms and partners to provide a wholesome business practice. They strive to have relationships with the tea farmers and make sure that their farmers… Read more

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