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Looking for more tea community?

Do you want tea Community?

For many of us who are big tea festival fans the pandemic has prevented us from attending tea festivals. We missed the the rich source of community, learning and exchange. When ever have tea enthusiasts walked into a room full of people who care just as much about the 2nd most common beverage on earth?…

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What’s trending on International Tea Day 2021

Tea Rebellion_Where are we on the change agenda for Tea_ InternationalTeaDay

A few days ago on Friday May 21 we celebrated International Tea Day 2021. This day was launched in 2005 by trade unions and workers’ organizations.  Since 2019 the day is celebrated by the UN to recognize the hard work that annually goes into the spring harvests around this time of year. #Internationalteaday is a…

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Tea Rebellion at the AVPA Teas of The World Contest

Tea Rebellion at the AVPA Teas of the World Contest

Tea Rebellion participated in its first ever European tea competition in 2020. We are calling it “European” as it takes place in beautiful Paris. However, AVPA is really a Teas of the World Contest. AVPA, or “Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles” reviews premium quality primary products such teas, coffee, olive oils to find…

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